#1 – Arti Nama

Creativity and Innovation

There’s always a story behind every name.

I was born as NYI RADEN MARLA META PURWHITA. My family calls me “Eta” for short. My friends usually call me “Meta”, sometimes I got called “Marla”. So, here’s the story behind my name.

NYI RADEN They (I’m not really sure whom I’m referring to, but  I guess my grandparents are okay) say that our family comes from a noble one. In Bahasa, people call it “Ningrat” (and this has nothing to do with @bayuningrat). I come from Tanah Parahyangan or you may call Sunda that makes me having not only ‘raden’ but also ‘nyi’ in my name. The title doesn’t require me to do “princess-work”. It’s just there. I like Nyi Raden as my first name because it’s not as a burden as Muhammad for a boy. Wow, that’s just too much for us (or me) the sinner (okay this is starting out of the topic).

I inherit this from my father. Should my father wants to inherit this to his grandchildren, I have to find a man from a noble family since my father has no son. But, I guess it is hard these days to find such a noble man, literally.

Okay. Off to the main topic.

MARLA My mom’s side of the story is that Marla was given after Marla Maples, Donald Trump’s ex-wife. Lets see how she looks like:

Marla Maples

Hmmm… don’t really like the face, but adore her body! Way to go 47 y.o, Marla! Great shape and amazing skin! Okay, now I have faith to be pretty. Mommy wished me to have this great body and skin as a women. Insya Allah 😀


My quite ‘seenaknya’ and ‘bodor’ father told me that Marla was his creation. See, I was born on March which is Maret in Bahasa. Notice that ‘born’ is lahir in Bahasa. Therefore, back on March 20th, 1990, one man got a briliant idea for his daughter’s name: MarLa – Maret Lahir (-______-“) way to go, Dad ….

META It was given by my grandpa whom I usually call Aki. Back in 1980s, Aki liked to watch TVRI, and his favorite show was a soap opera that had a girl named Meta. He liked her because she was beautiful, smart, skinny (sorry the last two are my ‘karangan bebas’). Well, he wished to have a beautiful granddaughter. I hope I’m your type yah, Aki 🙂

PURWHITA I believe it is sort of a last name / family name from my father’s family chain. My father’s name is Cipta Purwhana. So, it is somewhat a family name. But again, my father is amazingly a “creative” person. He gave me Purwhita as my last name, Purwhanisa for his 2nd daughter’s name, and Purwhanata for his 3rd’s. Fun, huh? 😀

Those are the stories from my family regarding my name. It doesn’t stop there because I have my own story.

If we barely know each other for example a friend introduces us, and you ask about my full-name, you probably will say something like “Nyi Roro?” or “Lo orang Jawa ya?” or “Hah? Lo orang mana, Met”. Ten minutes later, I’ll be explaining to you the difference between Raden, Nyi Raden, Nyi Roro, Ni Made, and so on. Fifteen minutes later, we become friends.

As a kid I once hate my name because people keep asking me about it, mostly mocking way of asking. However, my name is so unique it is memorable. Everytime teachers called the students name one by one in class, he/she would ask how I got my name. The entire class looked at me, and stared. I always be the first to know for both my teacher and classmates. I always got full-attention from my teachers.

So, yeah I do proud of my name. It helps me becoming I am today. Got used to be the center of attention, consequently I consider myself very confidence. My name also teaches me to always be proud of my culture as a Sundanese by not feeling ashamed of my Nyi Raden title.

I may not have the greatest name of all time. But I know people were so excited waiting for me to come to this world. And my name brought everyone in the family together 🙂



17 thoughts on “#1 – Arti Nama

  1. gyahah. oke ini meta banget. i can imagine you talking about these stuff:)
    way to go girl, nice writing 🙂 ❤

  2. Coolness om! Kreatif dan inovatif sekali, kaya pelajaran di SBM hahaha pantes anaknya tertarik banget sama pelajaran itu. Go Mawwlaaa! :p

  3. waaaah aku baru tau tuh “marla” comes from “maret lahir” hahahaha 😀

    those are beautiful names, just like the person 🙂

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