#11 – MB4048


Good evening!

Initially, I thought that this class was a total absurd class. Man, you are just obligated to make a blog and that is it. How hard is that? Well, i was wrong. This class has given me so much. It comes on Monday, and I used to hate Monday. It just doesn’t matter anymore! I have this class. Surely, I have learned some lessons.

1. Ideas and Thoughts

It is so incredible knowing there are so many ideas in the world! And some people could really make it real! Writing in a blog also has taught me to think out of the box and just spread out my ideas. It helps me a lot to even more outspoken.

2. Business Model

People sometimes confuse on how to make their ideas come true, on how to make their passion their business. By learning this business model, now I know where to start in running a business based on my passion.

3. Some Great People

Above all, i had the chance to meet some great people from this class. I may forget those lecture in class about the difference between creativity and innovation or even the business model, but I hardly forget stories or experiences shared by people. I know more about how Pak Apiq tries to sell his book rather than his method in teaching math, or how Kak Bayu always “sssh”-ing people whenever the class starts to get uproar hahaha. Especially, the stories the guest lecture gave to the class. I paid attention more when Kak Adi Panuntun shared his struggles in promoting his film in Indonesia and got rejected by the cinema. And when Pak Budi Rahardjo decided to change his attitude in criticizing people. I guess those are the real lessons.

I have so much fun! I hope I’ll still write in this blog in the future 🙂

I will just copy-paste this from my previous post: If you have the chance to read this post, just wanna say big thanks to Pak Agus and Kak Bayu. Terima kasih menghadirkan guest lecture yang keren-keren. Terima kasih karena gak pernah dateng telat untuk memulai kelas. Terima kasih untuk dedikasinya mengajarkan Creativity and Innovation sama kita-kita.com ini yang kadang-kadang suka gak tau diri keluar masuk kelas :p

Creatively yours. xoxo.


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