So yea I call my Mum by “Indung”, it means Mother in Basa Sunda. But, she says the word comes from Kalimantan language. I don’t care. It’s awesome!

At this point of my life, I kinda need to make a decision, well a decision for work, career, passion or whatever it is you call it. Things you do to survive, earn some and be happy.

Lesson learned today? Mum knows you. She listens. She probably has all the answers to your questions. I mean, most of the things in life I learned it from my Mum. Oh come on, all the “Duuuunng!” or “Mooooommm!” should really give you valuable lessons, huh?

Maybe God speaks thru Mums, that’s why “surga itu ada ditelapak kaki ibu”. So, when in doubt, call your Mum.


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