“We live in a cynical world, and we work in a business of tough competitors …” – Tom Cruise on Jerry Mcguire. 

I have no idea why or when exactly I have become a cynical person. I think as I’m getting older, growing up and stuff, I have become more and more cynical. I see the world in the most horrible way. Always go to the worst scenarios. 

Maybe it has to do with so many disappointments I have in my life. But, come on, I have lived a great life. I suppose so. I am blessed with people, loyal and trustworthy people beside me. 

I once took this psychology test resulting that my Empathy trait in the second bottom of all my traits list. My dad says it is not a bad thing, especially if I’m pursuing an entrepreneurship career. I mean, I do care about people’s well-being, world hunger and such. No. I’m kidding. I don’t really think about that. Well, I think about that but I don’t take actions. 

I am not a bad person, yknow. It’s just that all my life I’ve seen my father suffered from people taking advantages of his traits: tender, loving, kind, clueless. Yea, I am not gonna be that kind of person. I don’t want to inherit that. It leads to pain and broken heart. 

I choose to not be a caring person. The world is a crazy horrible place. Maybe I’m going to hell for this. At least I’m minding my own business. 

Yes, we do live in a cynical, cynical world, Tom. 




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