About Credit Card


In my humble opinion and as a human being born with unfavorable skill with numbers, I think it’s rather wrong that some Financial Planners strongly advise you to not owning a credit card.

I mean, you can’t predict the future whether it will be a good karma or a bad one. Take you were living on your own on minimum wage for an undergraduate, and your only family was your super healthy Mum. Who knows sometime in the future she would need an extremely expensive health care over a disease or accident?

Do not predict a great sale or midnight sale or other super reduced stuff event. Grow up.

I think credit card is almost like cigarette and alcohol. They are legal, but you know you will be screwed eventually. You know, there’s a debt in the end.

Self-control, baby. Self-control.



Semua orang punya cerita. Pertanyaannya: siapa yang bisa menceritakannya dengan cara terbaik, menyentuh emosi orang dan membuat mereka sedikitnya berharap bahwa konsep “Lahir sendiri, mati sendiri” bisa sedikit berbelok di dunia fana.

The first teaser for my very first personal project. It sounds genuinely awesome in my head. And I do have faith it will be loved and be as awesome as I think it’ll be. I hope I could share with you all as soon as possible. Godspeed. 


Creativity and Innovation

Twentysomething and Making Decision


Gue baru sadar deh, kayanya Twentysomethings tuh umur rawan banget ya? My head is full with a lot of ideas about career, education, financial, marriage, health, and even God.

Gue ga ngerti sih, mungkin ada baiknya kalau gue has these ideas or at least thinking about it, which means my brain still function haha.

It becomes fragile karena di umur segini semua decision ya g diambil bakalan jadi penentu future gitu ga sih? I mean, yes, your past defines your future somehow so ga berarti cuma diumur segini decision yang lo buat bakalan pegang peranan penting. But, twentysomethings tuh soalnya udah di real world gitu.

Take a problem you’re facing when you’re younger, maybe 15 y.o. Lo harus nentuin mau sekolah kemana. Ok sekolah yang lo pilih jelek, lo temenan sama anak-anak bandel sekolah, lo get to k ow drugs and sex, terus nagih, terus nyokap bokap lo nangis, terus lo masuk rehab, and so on. Terus yaudah ngaruh ke future lo kan?

But the thing is: you’re 15 y.o. Masih ada long way to go buat berubah dan mempebaiki kesalahan lo yang bermulai dari salah milih sekolah. Dan wajar ga sih anak 15 tahun bikin salah? Nama nya juga anak-anak.

Kalo umur lo udah twentysomethings? Lo udah di real world? Lo udah di definisikan sebagai “adult”, lo udah ga boleh beli happy meal, harus bayar kursi sendiri kalau masuk tempat wisata, terus lo bikin decision yang salah? Salah milih suami, salah milih kerjaan, salah milih S2, salah milih investasi, salah milih partner? Goddaaaaammmmn!

Bad decisions yang ada pas lo twentysomethings itu efeknya bakalan lebih lama daripada pas lo masih teenagers kayanya. Dan I think a lot of people will share a bit of the burden you have, e.g: kids over your bad marriage, your parents’ pension fund when you face bad investment.

I know that we, as human being, make mistakes. Karena kesempurnaan hanya milik Allah SWT *yazek*. But don’t make that as a justification/your escape words/your sugar-coat wisdom to not carefully and comprehensively think when you’re about to make decisions.

My point is …. I have no idea what I’m talkin about! HAHAHA. I have tons of idea in my head, just have to let it go. There are a lot of drafts in my blog, including ideas about movies, business, media industry, human relationship, etc.


So I guess, yea take your time to decide any life’s paths you may encounter currently. It has great deal to your future.

Life is a marathon, not a sprint.

– Stuff I read somewhere.