Dimarahin. I have issues.

I just realize that growing up is actually giving a f***.
About everything. Even people’s feelings.

Kinda weird. But it does make sense.

Ok then.

I always think that I can do what I want. Everyone can, too.

It is my decision whether to care or not, care, being sensitive or insensitive, giving a f*** or not giving a f***.


The phrase actually doesn’t stop there.

“You can do what you want as long as you keep it to yourself.”


“Something are better left unsaid.”


“Silence is golden.”

I have always believed those are all wrong. I mean, for God’s sake, just speak! Tell them! Express yourself!

There’s a tiny line between “freedom” and “having manner”. I guess.

Thank you, S for always reminding me that I’m a bad person. But always believe that I could, and I will, be better.


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